Juwelier Vileyn | Elisabeth Landeloos
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Elisabeth Landeloos

Juwelen, Zilver
Over dit merk

Because for me, the Elisabeth Landeloos logo is already a jewel on itself, it became now for the very first time a real part of my collection.
The logo isn’t just a logo. It was developed by Creneaux Int. and, based on a long interview; it describes my person­ality as a Designer. This resulted in a combination of a Peacock’s tail and a tree according the theorem Fibonacci.
The most beautiful things in nature (trees, flowers,…) are based on this theorem, which you might also know as the “golden ratio”: The equality of proportions that create the image of perfection with regard to beauty and harmony.
Thinking about a peacock, we all immediately imagine his impressive tail, proudly showing his blaze of colours. None of these colours are clearly to define. They change with the reflections and ankles of light.
Elisabeth Landeloos Jewellery, nature inspired, with an innermost feeling for the right proportions and pursuit of perfection, proudly showing an own, personal style that is hard to define. Enjoy Elisabeth Landeloos.

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